Slider Test

Here are some example of how modern day sliders are reacting to the images due to the format of them.

Meta Slider:

The FREE slider tool that comes with WordPress (doesn’t allow full images to get the whole picture shown).

[metaslider id=2065]

Revolution Slider:

This is the most popular slider on the web before starting to hard code which is a considerable cost. This is the best, however this only works at 900 x 300/360 which means we will have to considerably crop the image OR do something similar to the frontpage ‘BAE Waterloo Motion’ image. But it won’t have the same impact sadly.

[rev_slider Exhibitions]

A very cheap free slider tool…won’t do what you want.

[totalslider group=”exhibitions”]

Due to mobile devices, modern sliders are getting fixed at specific visual dimensions to ensure they are going to work on all devices. This limits the type of photos we can use in this way. In order to get the most out of the display images they do need to be big and bold in our opinion.